Social Media Spotlight on Snapchat

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Continuing with the social media-centered series of posts dedicated to popular and up and coming social media sites, let’s talk about Snapchat.

What is the idea behind or purpose of Snapchat?

Launched as Picaboo in 2011 and later relaunched as Snapchat, the mobile app allows users to connect with friends using photos and videos. Photos on Snapchat self-destruct within 1 to 10 seconds upon delivery to the recipient. Their new feature, Snapchat Stories, allows photos to be posted to a timeline for 24 hours and then they are automatically deleted.

How many current Snapchat users are there and/or how popular is Snapchat?

User count is currently unknown, but a reported 200 to 400 million “snaps” are sent each day. It is taking social media by storm, especially in the tweens, teens and 20s age groups.

Why should you care about Snapchat?

Snapchat is the “next big thing” in social media. It satisfies the need for instant gratification, for quick snippets in time and for ever-changing landscapes. Snapchat has become a way to share like you can on Instagram, without the large digital footprint. Understanding the fascination with Snapchat will help to take advantage of its popularity and that of its inevitable successors.

Snapchat for recruitment?

Snapchat is so relatively new that it’s a little early to tell exactly how it will mesh into the world of social media recruitment. There are definite branding opportunities. Right now, the edge for utilizing Snapchat in the recruitment space will be to show candidates that your organization is current and on-trend. Marketing company Impact Branding and Design shows how companies are currently using Snapchat to “increase personal connections” and essentially build their brand and overall appeal. They suggest using Snapchat for contests, coupons, product “sneak peeks”, introducing new team members, or for targeted Vine-style videos.

Tressie Lieberman, Taco Bell Director of Social and Digital, commented on releasing their new product only to those that connected with them on Snapchat: “Sharing that story on Snapchat is a fun way to connect with the fans that we are thrilled to have. It’s all about treating them like personal friends and not consumers.”

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