Social Media Spotlight on Vine

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In this social media series of posts, we are dedicating content to popular, up and coming social media sites, starting with Vine.

What is the idea behind or purpose of Vine?

Acquired by Twitter in October 2012 for $30M, Vine’s own site describes it as “a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Videos you post to Vine will appear on your Vine profile and the timelines of your Vine followers. Posts can also be shared to Twitter or Facebook.” Just last month, Vine launched an internet platform, though video recording is still limited to mobile only. Vine videos are limited to about 6 seconds in length (for extended video options, try similar site Keek, which allows for 36 second videos to be recorded and shared).

How many current Vine users are there and/or how popular is Vine?

In August 2013, Vine announced that surpassed 40 million users. Internet magazine Media Bistro reported in September that “5 tweets per second contain a Vine link and studies are showing that a branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video.”

Why should you care about Vine?

Canadian online newspaper, The Chronicle Herald, published an article about Vine and Keek, discussing why these sites are popular at all:

  • ‘All over the Internet, digital-lovers are rhapsodizing about the advent of video content and its place in modern society.’
  • “We’re writing less and sharing images and videos,” says Giles Crouch, CEO of MediaBadger, a cyber research and intelligence company.
  • ‘We see our world visually through images. Writing helps and is key, but audio, video and images are a preferred method for our brains.’

Vine, like most other forms of social media, is about being current. What’s trendy, what’s popular, it’s about understanding what is being utilized at this moment and catching the new trends on the upswing. Investing in popular social media, as well as the lesser known, up and coming sites will show that your organization understands the significance of social media. Perhaps just as important, it also shows that you’d be a “cool” place to work for.

Vine for recruitment?

Social Community Manager for Jobcast, Sam Parker, discusses how Vine can be utilized for talent acquisition. Creating a video, though only six seconds long, and embedding it into your organization’s Facebook page or sharing it on Twitter adds to the avenues through which to build your corporate brand and drive chatter about your organization.

  • “These recruiting videos are a highly effective way of showcasing company culture and brand. A recruiting video is the best way to show potential hires how awesome it is to work for your company through employee testimonials, footage of fun staff events and passionate descriptions of the cool stuff your company does…”
  • “Obviously, video interviewing is not going to happen on Vine. I also don’t think six seconds is enough time to relate the details of a particular job opening. A big nope to Vine job-fairs as well. But with Vine, there are still a few options left: video tutorial, employer branding, and recruitment…”
  • “With Vine you can make a tutorial, but not in the same way you would with YouTube. The point of a tutorial on Vine is less education and more entertainment. You’ll want to focus on making your video cute, funny, and attention grabbing, rather than simply informative. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be informative, as long as it’s witty. You won’t have time to tell potential hires to apply within the video itself, but you can easily do so in your tutorial’s description. And don’t forget to link to your Career Page!”
  • “An employer branding video is a great option for Vine. Dove, Ritz and Trident are some early adopters. The Dove video is my fave – it’s super cute and silly. You can hear laughing and chatter in the background, which suggests a fun working environment. All three tightly focus on their product, don’t take themselves very seriously and create an enjoyable user experience that encourages sharing. None of these videos took a lot of time to make.”

Whether you create a video that simply shows someone saying, “We’re Hiring!” and then shows your company, the point of a six second video is the simpler, the better. Keep it light, keep it short and have fun!

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