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Applicants or Candidates? You can call them what you like, but we help you find them and source them fast. Use our seamless integrations to import potential employees and contractors from Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and many more popular sources.

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SourceJet is a powerful resume harvesting tool designed to help recruiters find talent on a wide variety of resume banks and websites.

SourceJet can access both free sites and subscription sites (provided you have a subscription).

After setting up search criteria, and selecting from the list of literally hundreds of possible websites to source from, recruiters will begin seeing search results within minutes of executing the search.

Once candidates are found, they can be reviewed, and imported into the BrightMove database individually or in bulk.

Candidates that were sourced for a particular job can be sent to the job as they are being brought into the database.

Candidates that are part of a recruiting outreach can be assigned directly to a folder from which emails and SMS messages can be sent.

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