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Hiring Gen Y (Part 8): The Intergenerational Workforce

by Traci K and BrightMove Staffing Software and Recruiting Software Today’s workforce is constantly changing and within 10 to 15 years it may be unrecognizable. Generation Y brings a different work style and unique point of views regarding workplace initiatives and work-life balance to their employers. As they improve their stations in life, these ideas…

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Hiring Gen Y (Step 1A): Understanding the Facts

Doomsday HR statistics over the past 5 to 10 years have shown that the steady retirement of Baby Boomers and the lack of skilled workers coming up through ranks will eventually lead to a massive shortage. Though the economic downturn has slowed this slightly with Baby Boomers hanging on a little longer, the net effect is still going to be the same somewhere down the line. Young Generation Y professionals are going to be required to step up and come into roles that they might not be ready for.

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Age is But a Number: Baby Boomers Are Getting In Line to Fill Internships

When you say the word “intern”, what image comes to mind? A snot-nosed college kid trying to jumpstart their career? Maybe a twenty-something young woman who still isn’t sure what she’d like to do with her life? Both are fairly stereotypical. But what about a 50-year-old accountant with 30 years of experience under their belt? No? Well get ready, because the stereotype is about to change.

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DisABILITY: Overcome Roadblocks to Access Underutilized Pools of Talent

Studies published by the Department of Labor or sponsored by MetLife (published through Encore, Civic Ventures, and other organizations) show current labor shortage projections of 700,000 workers by 2018, with the retiring Baby Boomers to blame. Skeptics deny the probability that these predictions will be realized to this extent, however, with the possibility looming that in less than a decade there will be a worker shortage of some degree, those in recruiting capacities should be proactively taking a closer look at previously untapped talent resources. One such underutilized strategy is the recruitment and hiring of the disabled population. Equal Opportunity Publications has it right, labeling the term disABLED, in a popular magazine title aimed at supplying career guidance and recruiting information for those with disabilities.

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