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Criminal Background Checks: Save the Reputation of Your Company


Have you been considering conducting criminal background checks as part of your recruiting and hiring process for potential employees, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it? If you’re a recruiter or manager who is responsible for assessing and/or hiring employees, it’s on your shoulders to ensure that anyone you bring in is…

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What to Do If A Candidate Has a Misdemeanor Conviction

What to Do If You Discover That an Employee or Candidate Has a Misdemeanor Conviction Description: A recent pre-employment background screening pulled up a misdemeanor conviction on a candidate’s record. How should you react? Picture this scenario: After weeks of sifting through resumes and conducting job interviews, you find a candidate who you think is…

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Employee Reputation Management: What Does It Entail?

reputation management

Employee Reputation Management: What Does It Entail? Contributed by Jim Addison Description: More and more companies are instituting “employee reputation management” policies, but what do these policies entail? We take a look at how employee reputation management and social media can help safeguard a company’s branding and image. Online reputation is important—not just for individuals,…

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