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Heads Up when Hiring – Salary History is Moving Off the Table

salary history

If asking candidates about their salary history is still part of your recruiting, application, or interviewing process—it is time to rethink the question. Despite better awareness of the issue, there remains a significant wage gap between men and women in the US.  According to the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), women earn about 80 cents…

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The Importance of Working Environments

working environment

What Works Best for You?  The Importance of Working Environments Look around you—do you have a cubicle, standing desk, or are you reading this on a mobile device?  As the boundaries between “living to work, and working to live” stretch, working environments are changing fast to keep up. Just like clothes and music, office settings…

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Where Does Your Company Stand with Succession?

Succession Planning

The squeeze for talent is putting an equally tight squeeze on business succession planning. Creating a blueprint for change is the primary task of any succession plan.  Whether it is a large organization or a small family business, knowing what—and who—comes next is a big part of business planning. A short list for the C-Suite…

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Five Tips for Getting the Most from Your Phone Interviews

phone interviews

Five Tips for Getting the Most from Your Phone Interviews Phone interviews save time and can quickly help you develop your short list of top candidates. Lining up phone interviews with promising candidates helps you and your applicants. Relatively easy to schedule and conduct, telephone interviews give both parties a chance to ask preliminary questions…

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How to Improve Job Descriptions: Practical Tips

job descriptions

How to improve job descriptions: practical tips by Jessica Gust No business is a success without the right employees. No matter how adept and skilled management and boardroom bosses are, without the right employees working day in and day out, you won’t see the results that you desire. The fact is to succeed you need to…

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New White House Report Confirms Impact of Machines on Workforce


New White House Report Confirms Impact of Machines on Workforce A report recently released by the White House paints a picture of the challenges facing HR in the near future as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to disrupt the workplace. We talked in November about the current state of AI, and a report from the Obama…

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Happy New Year! HR Forecast for 2017

HR Forecast

Happy New Year! HR Forecast for 2017 With 2016 in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to take a look at the road ahead with our take on hot HR topics for 2017. While none of these topics apply to every workplace, they offer a baseline for recruiters and HR as we juggle new strategies for…

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A Changing Job Market Goes Hybrid

hybrid job

The needed for blended skills is driving design of hybrid job descriptions. Continued migration of tech and software into business and everyday use is giving rise to a new class of job—the hybrid job.  Like the name implies, hybrid jobs take a little of this, and a little of that to make something unique—and oftentimes…

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Cyber Crime: More IT Scams Aimed at Millennials

cyber security

More IT Scams Aimed at Millennials A new study reveals that cyber crimes using IT scams targeting Millennials is big business. During the holidays or throughout the year, cyber vigilance is important for businesses and consumers.  HR takes a big role in training users and departments in recognizing, evaluating, and acting appropriately to contain risk…

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Passive Candidates — Deepen Your Talent Pool

passive candidates

Go for the Gold:  Deepen Your Talent Pool with Passive Candidates Passive candidates are not looking for a new job, and probably not spending a lot of time researching new opportunities that might put them in contact with you—the recruiter or the hiring manager. Valuable for their experience and skill, passive candidates represent gold hidden…

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