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Keeping It Real: Are Virtual Career Fairs the Wave of the Future?

A thousand times over, we’ve heard that Generation Y is like no generation before them. By now it’s accepted as fact, so common sense tells those in the field of recruitment that certain methods need to be altered to accommodate the needs and interests of this new generation of workers. A few things are said to be true of Millennials that affect the recruitment process:

They are multi-taskers, easily distracted, with a need for instant gratification
They are technology driven
They prefer electronic communication over face-to-face interactions
They are not fans of dress codes or formal dress in general
They are not about wasting time or energy on something that will not produce results for them, i.e. “What will I gain from this?”

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From the Recruiting Booth to the Interview: How to Draw in Student Talent at Career Fairs

Large businesses have an easier time branding themselves as there are more opportunities for their name to get “out there”. Businesses of small to medium size have a harder time and it’s extremely important to utilize every possible chance to let your organization be known. This is especially true if you are trying to attract new graduates, some too young to recognize the names of even the most long-standing employers.

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