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How To Hire A College Graduate

They are eager to please, full of energy, optimism, and new ideas, but are these young twenty-something’s ready to enter the workplace? A typical college graduate has been in a college microcosm for the last four years, fresh from fraternities, sororities, campuses, classrooms, and dormitories. Suddenly, a student’s world changes from a carefree college kid to a full-time employee.

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From the Recruiting Booth to the Interview: How to Draw in Student Talent at Career Fairs

Large businesses have an easier time branding themselves as there are more opportunities for their name to get “out there”. Businesses of small to medium size have a harder time and it’s extremely important to utilize every possible chance to let your organization be known. This is especially true if you are trying to attract new graduates, some too young to recognize the names of even the most long-standing employers.

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C’s Make Degrees: Are You Filtering Good Candidates With GPAs Below 3.0?

For those of us who have been required, scratch that, privileged, enough to recruit college students, screening resumes can be…interesting. You scan a resume, review the candidate’s education, and notice they conveniently left off their GPA. Uh-oh. They might as well list “didn’t study enough” under the activities and interests section. What is often overlooked, however, is for those that may not have studied as hard, the extracurricular activities list is typically in abundance. What do you make of that? If they weren’t studying, they were filling their schedules with something else. It’s the recruiter’s job to find out what it was and whether or not the skills acquired from those interests are of any value to an organization.

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