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Technology Spotlight: Slack

In October of last year, anti-email software company Slack garnered a $1.2B valuation. Slack provides applications in various formats to support different ways of communicating in the business world, other than by email. Direct messaging, group chats and other collaborative resources are provided in order to increase productivity. Partnering with various third party vendors (Google…

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Formal or Familiar: Which Communication Style Should Candidates Use?

by Nanci Lamborn – BrightMove Recruiting Software There is no denying that corporate America has grown more casual. From informal dress codes to casual Friday, what used to be a commonly “Buttoned Up” society has now gone button-down, button-fly and button-less. (And if you missed the “casual day” commercial by Careerbuilder during that Big-Football-Bowl-Game-ala-Super, check…

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