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Employee Engagement – How Do We Get There?

Let’s talk about engagement—how do you keep valued employees, increase performance, and reduce turnover? In a post-recession economy, it is a priority to build a responsive company culture that engages your workers.  After years of cost cuts, critical work to create engagement and retention strategies is ahead for HR professionals. According to a recent Gallup…

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Suit Required: How Dress Codes May Affect the Quantity or Quality of Interested Candidates

An employee turns over (apparently they don’t see in your company what you do, obviously their loss). This vacancy needs to be filled quickly and being the diligent hiring manager that you are, the position is soon posted in every possible location. Resumes begin pouring in and before you can say “Talent Acquisition”, a surmounting pile of hundreds of aspiring employees is awaiting judgment. Instead of crawling under the desk to hide, consider some strategic tips aimed at trimming down that mound of applicants.

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Recruitment

Many businesses based their recruitment efforts on a selective and sophisticated process whereby the company attempts to gage whether a potential employee has the requisite skill set and history of accomplishment to be effective in the open position. However, there is a wealth or research which points to the fact that nearly 75% of new hires do not remain in their position after a three month period. It is most often the case that new employee leave a company, not because of the job responsibilities in and of themselves, but because there is some type of disconnect between the suitability of the employee to the overall work environment.

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WANTED: A Few Good Employers

Employer horror stories abound, and while we can all take lessons from the terrible tales we hear, perhaps we can take a more valuable lesson from some of the good guys for a change.

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2 Traits Every Successful Recruiter Should Have

When I was just 21 years old (some eleventy-something years ago), I had the unbelievable fortune of getting to know one of the most exceptional recruiters I’ve ever met. The employer for whom I worked at that time had developed a very successful relationship with this recruiter who seemed to really have a gift for her calling, and as I took over the hiring role I began to understand what it was that made this recruiter so good at what she did.

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