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Employee Referrals: Great Source of Talent Acquisition

  Employee Referrals are a Great Source of Talent Acquisition Hiring the right person for the job sometimes means having the right person already on the job. Human culture turns on relationships.  Whether personal or professional—social connections matter, especially when you are recruiting for experience, skill, and fit. When you are looking to hire, or…

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Small Business Bootcamp: Getting Back Into the Hiring Game

*Be sure to check out the other article in this series Independent Contractor or Employee & More Tips for Successful Hiring Automated Data Processing reported that small businesses added 75,000 jobs in January. If you are part of a small business that took a hit in the latest recession, you may have been out of the game…

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Who Do You Know? Employee Referral Programs Go Online

While top-tier recruiters are constantly in search of the next best tactic for sourcing candidates, there
are certain methods that stand the test of time. Employee referrals have long been a favorite of hiring managers as probability shows us good employees are typically friends with other good employees. With the convenience that web-based programs provide and the advent of social networking, it only makes sense that the Employee Referral Process
(ERP) would make its way online.

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Employee Referrals: The Risk of Hiring Relatives

by Nanci Lamborn It’s one of the most unnerving statements an employee can make to the Hiring Manager while dropping off the resume of a referral. “She’s my (sister-cousin-mother-daughter-lover-ex-wife-fiancée.) She’s really smart, she works real hard, and I heard you’re interviewing, right? I told her you might give her a call.” Oh my lordamercy. Oops,…

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Inside Referral Candidates: Birds of a Feather & All That Fluff

Two of the worst interviews I can recall in my recent history were both referred from one of my most successful, highest producing employees. Both candidates were abrasive, arrogant, and unfriendly, and neither interview lasted very long. At first the disparity between the unpleasant applicants and the accomplished referring employee left me somewhat perplexed. But…

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