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Hottest Thing Going—Summer Fridays

When the temperature rises, productivity goes down.  Summer Fridays are a hot entry for companies looking for new engagement opportunities. There was a time when companies carefully tracked holiday and vacation time.  Today, while back office software products can do just that, smart human resource managers are looking at how to use time to improve…

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Employee Engagement: What Is The Best Way To Measure?

Employee engagement is crucial to any business. In fact, when Glassdoor came out with their Top 50 Places to World of 2015, the characteristic that stood out the most wasn’t salary or benefits, but how well the company was able to challenge and excite their employees. If you want your business to create fantastic products,…

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Employee Engagement – How Do We Get There?

Let’s talk about engagement—how do you keep valued employees, increase performance, and reduce turnover? In a post-recession economy, it is a priority to build a responsive company culture that engages your workers.  After years of cost cuts, critical work to create engagement and retention strategies is ahead for HR professionals. According to a recent Gallup…

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