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Who Do You Know? Employee Referral Programs Go Online

While top-tier recruiters are constantly in search of the next best tactic for sourcing candidates, there
are certain methods that stand the test of time. Employee referrals have long been a favorite of hiring managers as probability shows us good employees are typically friends with other good employees. With the convenience that web-based programs provide and the advent of social networking, it only makes sense that the Employee Referral Process
(ERP) would make its way online.

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Don't Be Anti-Social: Embrace the Advances in Employee Referral Programs

Many HR processes have been transformed in the recent past as the evolution of social media has given rise to new HR issues and methods. Traditional employee recruitment practices are now a small piece of a much larger puzzle. Placing an online or paper ad, networking at trade shows and other events, sourcing internal candidates, or gaining employee referrals – these are all still effective ways to accumulate potential hires, yet many of these have been affected by social media.

In a previous recruitment blog post, the pros and cons of Employee Referral Programs (ERPs) were discussed, ultimately concluding that ERPs are a proven way to source talent. But what if you are a smaller corporation or the well of referrals from current employees has run dry? Thanks to social media, there are up and coming forms of ERPs. Many organizations have already begun to take advantage of the opportunities these changes have made possible.

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