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Millennial Hiring Part 2: Money IS Important

What makes Millennials tick? In last week’s article, we discussed the fact that Millennials do more job hopping than previous generations, but it’s not because they are non-committal, it’s because they refuse to forgo happiness in order to stay in a position. They will leave once their needs are no longer being met. With Millennials…

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Hiring Gen Y (Part 7): Engaging and Managing Young Professionals

Almost every organization has young employees belonging to Generation Y. This generation is ever-becoming notorious for the characteristics they hold that are unique from others before them. These include the level of work ethic, motivation, skill sets, and also the ways in which they become engaged and are most easily managed in the workplace. Organizations should fully understand the high cost of turnover and the effect of employee engagement on productivity. As Millennials are the future of our corporations, finding ways in which to ximize their efficiency levels and keep them loyal to your company should be at the forefront of current business plans.

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