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Human Resources: Changing Times in HR

Changing Times

Human Resources:  Changing Times in HR The advent of applicant tracking systems and other human resource tech is sometimes the basis of conversation about the relevancy of HR.  From its beginnings in hiring, onboarding, benefits management, and off-boarding, HR is evolving as quickly as the companies and employees it serves. New tech enables HR units to…

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Checking Benchmarks: 18th Annual HR Systems Survey White Paper Released

The annual Human Resource research survey by Sierra-Cedar was released in late October.  Insights from the survey offer a glimpse of the present and future state of the HR industry. Sierra-Cedar is an enterprise consulting interest.  Since 1997, Sierra-Cedar has conducted an HR research effort, now in its 18th year.  During that time, HR tactics…

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HR Software User Insights & 2015 Outlook

Most organizations are operating with some sort of HR software for capabilities such as talent acquisition, applicant tracking and succession planning. When the economy took a dive and hiring was at an all-time low, the need for hiring and selection tools and/or the added cost and expense of HR software programs seemed to become less…

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Social Media's Influence on Talent Acquisition

Glassdoor recently reported that 96% of the online population belongs to at least one social network. Add that to the fact that 47% of today’s workforce was born after 1980 (and by 2025, more than 75% of workers will be come from the “social media generation” having grown up with internet and social networks) and begin…

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