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The Potential Liability of Hiring Interns

Once you’ve made the decision to hire an intern, you must sit down with the list of responsibilities and determine their rate of pay. Your intern will be unpaid you say? Think it over before you make that hire.  A recent Forbes article on intern lawsuits may have you pulling out the checkbook. Self-admittedly overstated, Cameron Keng,…

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Age is But a Number: Baby Boomers Are Getting In Line to Fill Internships

When you say the word “intern”, what image comes to mind? A snot-nosed college kid trying to jumpstart their career? Maybe a twenty-something young woman who still isn’t sure what she’d like to do with her life? Both are fairly stereotypical. But what about a 50-year-old accountant with 30 years of experience under their belt? No? Well get ready, because the stereotype is about to change.

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