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Increase Success by Decreasing Interview Stress

Do not miss the chance at hiring a top candidate because of interview stress. We have all been on interviews.  It is nerve-wracking, especially if you really want the job.  From the other side of the desk, it is a good idea to remember what your candidates are going through.  But that is not the…

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What’s in a Question? A Second Look at Interviewing

Onboarding top talent does not happen by accident.  Boost your interview skills by giving a second thought to what you are asking. Interviewing is the bottom line method across industry for vetting potential hires. Whether via phone, video, or in person, there is usually an interview involved at some point in all hiring processes. Thomas…

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Fine-Tune Your Interview Process

A recent study suggests “difficult” interviews lead to the hire of more satisfied employees.  What does that mean? Our on-demand software helps HR professionals and recruiters more effectively and effciently recruit, onboard and more. These are products that save time, money, and help you onboard the right talent for your needs. While our software helps you move candidates through your pipeline, the interview…

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Puzzle Interviews: Ingenious Technique or Pointless Tactic?

A simple search on interview questions and methods will return more results and ideas than one person can handle. Companies and recruiters/hiring managers are always looking for improved or innovative ways to screen candidates. How can we better predict the success of an individual; how can we more effectively assess the problem-solving capabilities of a candidate; what is the magic question to use as the ultimate disqualifier?

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Where's Your Peanut Butter: Unconventional Interview Questions that Uncover Key Skills

by Nanci Lamborn – Writer/Blogger/HR Practitioner – BrightMove Recruiting Software We’ve seen several articles recently about the rise of unconventional recruiting methods ( and off-the-wall interview questions ( that are now gaining notoriety ( Some job seekers on the hunt are taking offense and complaining that questions like Microsoft’s “Why is a manhole cover round?”…

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Can a Slob Survive Today's Unforgiving Job Market?

by Nanci Lamborn – Blogger/Writer – BrightMove Recruiting Software This week I was planning to post the continuation of last week’s article about the pros and cons of hiring inside referrals. But a story I just read piqued my interest, sending me down memory lane to discover some truths about some ugly habits and some…

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