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How to Tell When a Valuable Employee is About to Quit

about to quit

How to Tell When a Valuable Employee is About to Quit (and What to Do About It) Recognizing when a valuable team member is about to quit could help you craft a solution before it is too late. Workforce retention is a big deal.  As we have discussed before, the cost, time, and energy it…

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Job Candidates That Stand Out—The Wrong Way

job candidates

Job Candidates That Stand Out—The Wrong Way A recent survey illustrates just how far some job candidates go to get noticed. As recruiters, we understand the sometimes delicate dance between job candidates and client companies.  Before ATS software, some of the best advice to give a potential candidate was to follow up personally after an…

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From Trash to Treasure: How to Get Recruiters to Actually Read Your Resume

The most important advice I can give to jobseekers is to use keywords from the job description on their resume. This seems like a no-brainer, but many people use the same resume for every job that they apply for, even though every company and position is different. Not only does this show laziness on the candidate’s part, but it also shows their lack of qualification. Recruiters don’t have time to waste; make it easy for them to see upfront that you are clearly qualified.

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Happy New You

Many people will promise themselves a healthier diet, more cardiovascular exercise, better financial management, but many others will strive to find new employment as well.

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