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Millennial Hiring Part 7: The Job Offer

  You have found a Millennial that fits your hiring needs and you are ready to make a job offer. Perhaps you have various perks that you think this new Gen Y candidate will find appealing. Possibly you are able to offer a highly competitive salary that you think they won’t be able to refuse.…

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Hiring Gen Y (Part 8): The Intergenerational Workforce

by Traci K and BrightMove Staffing Software and Recruiting Software Today’s workforce is constantly changing and within 10 to 15 years it may be unrecognizable. Generation Y brings a different work style and unique point of views regarding workplace initiatives and work-life balance to their employers. As they improve their stations in life, these ideas…

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Hiring Gen Y (Part 7): Engaging and Managing Young Professionals

Almost every organization has young employees belonging to Generation Y. This generation is ever-becoming notorious for the characteristics they hold that are unique from others before them. These include the level of work ethic, motivation, skill sets, and also the ways in which they become engaged and are most easily managed in the workplace. Organizations should fully understand the high cost of turnover and the effect of employee engagement on productivity. As Millennials are the future of our corporations, finding ways in which to ximize their efficiency levels and keep them loyal to your company should be at the forefront of current business plans.

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Hiring Gen Y (Part 6): Training Your New Hires

The inevitability of the changing workforce dynamic is that, at some point or another, members of Generation Y are going to be a part of it. Whether currently on board or getting ready to start, Millennial employees require the enactment of new strategies to attract, train, and retain them. They are motivated differently, they learn differently, and they have different needs than any generation preceding them. Figuring out how to walk to the beat of the Gen Y drum is crucial to a successful onboarding and training process.

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