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Millennial Hiring Part 8: Job Advertisements

  Before you have a Millennial accepting a job offer, you first have to attract them to your organization. Whether through social media or job boards, you will most likely be using some sort of job advertisement. Should you be wording ads targeting Gen Y the same as those aimed at candidates from previous generations?…

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Millennial Hiring Part 6: It's Not Just a Generational Thing

As mentioned in previous articles, Millennials will make up an estimated 75% of the workforce by 2025. Countless studies, reports and articles have focused on the differences (and difficulties) surrounding hiring and retaining Gen Y employees in the workforce. Matthew Goldman of makes the argument that maybe we shouldn’t be focusing on the fact…

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Millennial Hiring Part 3: Things to Keep in Mind

In previous articles, we discussed that Gen Y workers need to feel a sense of purpose when it comes to work, and while job satisfaction is important to them, money is as well. This week, let’s discuss a few other noteworthy Millennial characteristics companies should keep in mind when it comes to hiring Gen Y…

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Hiring Gen Y (Part 5): Interviewing Millennials

Entitlement and informality are the words of the day. When you begin to understand the interview process for Generation Y candidates, these words may be circling in your mind as the reputation of today’s young professionals precedes them. Standard questions are bound to produce surprising responses, especially if you haven’t got a clue what you’re in for. How about that clue…

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