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Mobile Recruitment – Why Your Current Strategy May Be Failing

Mobile recruitment is a relatively new strategy in talent acquisition. An increasing number of organizations are employing mobile capabilities in their recruitment processes, as the applicant pool moves to tablets¬†and cell phones as their method of choice. Huffington Post estimates that 33 percent of all Fortune 500 companies now have mobile-friendly career sites. For those…

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Mobile Capabilities Make A Mark On Standard Recruitment Practices

For every outdated process there is obviously a newer, faster, more efficient version that has replaced it (or eventually will). The need to receive and transfer information instantly knows no bounds and is coming to include applying for that next great career move. Traditional, hard copy resumes to online applications, the evolution of digital hiring processes is now extending to mobile phones. However, though the potential is there, the follow through is not yet available.

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Catching the RSS Wave

When online news articles and technology bloggers began proclaiming sometime in 2008 that Twitter would become the AP newswire of the future, I literally laughed out loud. Dismissing it as techno-hype, I was completely certain that the American news reporting icon would continue to command ownership of top newspaper headlines and web pages from here…

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