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LinkedIn Solutions – What Might Work For You?

Phil Mogilev, a Sales Manager for LinkedIn, recently published a series of Case Studies in support of LinkedIn recruiting solutions that showcases issues companies that came to them for help, were having in recruitment and the solutions LinkedIn provided them.

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LinkedIn to Replace the Traditional Resume?

In a society where we already expect things faster, sleeker, and more streamlined, social media has made it possible to connect and communicate at hyper-speed. As paper letters and messages went by the wayside, it seems only seems logical that with the advent of professional sites like LinkedIn, it is just a matter of time before all former paper processes are gone, including resumes.

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Intelligence vs Nepotism

Citing the adage “you are who you know”, Professor Yoav Ganzach, a Tel Aviv University researcher for their Recanati School of Management, states that this business theory or “conventional wisdom” does not win out over intelligence.

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