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Is Your Onboarding Program Effective?

  More than a “welcome to the company,” an engaging onboarding program sets the stage for your new hire to hit the ground running. Whether you have one or five new employees, a sound, well-designed onboarding program creates compelling motivation for you—and your new hire—to get the most from this stage in the work lifecycle. Why…

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Recruitment

Many businesses based their recruitment efforts on a selective and sophisticated process whereby the company attempts to gage whether a potential employee has the requisite skill set and history of accomplishment to be effective in the open position. However, there is a wealth or research which points to the fact that nearly 75% of new hires do not remain in their position after a three month period. It is most often the case that new employee leave a company, not because of the job responsibilities in and of themselves, but because there is some type of disconnect between the suitability of the employee to the overall work environment.

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Does the New Shoe Fit? When Old Shoes & New Shoes Clash in the Workplace

By Nanci Lamborn, SPHR – HR Leader and BrightMove Recruiting Software Blogger A wonderful and talented friend who works in a very small department within a very large organization recently compared his employer’s process of bringing in new talent as similar to purchasing a brand new pair of shoes. He and his longer-tenured coworkers, who…

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