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HR Tech Turns to Wellness

Human resources is poised to help companies increase productivity by improving worker health though wellness tech. Because it is both inward and outward facing, HR is uniquely positioned to help businesses take quicker advantages of workforce trends and opportunities. HR recruiting and onboarding tech, like the solutions offered by our company, Brightmove, are used by…

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Pay It Forward: Why Training Matters

An administrative assistant who can type 75 wpm and answer a multi-line phone but can’t do a page layout in Microsoft Word or know how formulas work in Microsoft Excel has little chance of getting a job later down the line if he or she doesn’t up their skill level in these areas. A mechanic that has no idea about the computer based tools that can be used in his or her field needs that opportunity to learn about it. In some instances, they simply just need to know about something bigger than their day to day jobs.

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