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Increase Success by Decreasing Interview Stress

Do not miss the chance at hiring a top candidate because of interview stress. We have all been on interviews.  It is nerve-wracking, especially if you really want the job.  From the other side of the desk, it is a good idea to remember what your candidates are going through.  But that is not the…

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Hiring PreCheck:  Did You Cover the Background ?

Background screening is an important but sometimes time-consuming aspect of recruiting.  Do you have a pre-employment background check process in place? Workplace safety and security is essential. Tragic headlines speak too often of another case of workplace violence, or the discovery of a significant employee fraud.  Your industry may heighten the need for background scrutiny…

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Hiring Gen Y (Step 4): Prescreening Resumes from the "Me" Generation

Sifting through resumes might be the least favorite task of any given recruiter. It’s difficult not to review each resume while at the same time resisting that voice in your head critiquing each one. Thoughts such as, “Oooh, I would not have put that on the resume”, “Doesn’t this person have spellcheck?”, or “Really? Three pages long?”. Above all, the worst crimes against resume content are committed by the inexperienced.

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Why I'm Afraid of Monster!

Like some of you I have several new jobs that I need to get filled—nothing that my seasoned and experienced professional HR-type self shouldn’t consider to be a walk in the park. Thankfully I’m usually well equipped. I have several personal job posting favorites like small (often free) localized job boards and social networking groups…

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