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Get Creative: Unorthodox Recruiting Methods May Get The Job Done

There is a reason that standard recruiting methods are, well, standard: they work. Placing ads, using temp agencies, calling on employee referrals, etc. – these are all tried and true methods that have stood the test of time and yielded some positive results. However, as we all know, these methods don’t always work. Every recruiter has been in a situation where the typical recruitment process doesn’t generate new hires. When that moment comes, when you are all out of ideas, how do you proceed?

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Where's Your Peanut Butter: Unconventional Interview Questions that Uncover Key Skills

by Nanci Lamborn – Writer/Blogger/HR Practitioner – BrightMove Recruiting Software We’ve seen several articles recently about the rise of unconventional recruiting methods ( and off-the-wall interview questions ( that are now gaining notoriety ( Some job seekers on the hunt are taking offense and complaining that questions like Microsoft’s “Why is a manhole cover round?”…

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