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Resumes: Spot the Good, the Bad & the Liar

In the previous post, I discussed studies and statistics showing the existence of resume fraud in today’s recruiting. To combat these occurrences, let’s look at ways to identify little white lies, exaggerations, and complete fabrications.

Obviously doing pre-employment screening such as background and reference checks are the sure fire ways in which to decrease the probability of getting duped by an potential hire. Though they can be costly, a background check fee will far outweigh the cost of the candidate underperforming and/or turning over. More employers than ever before seem to be conducting these types of screens, being aware of the level of scrutiny necessary to protect themselves.

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Share If You Dare: Part 2 of Employment References

by Nanci Lamborn – Brightmove Writer Last week we took a look at the value of securing prior employment references. As promised, let’s turn the tables and look at how we respond when we’re the one being asked for the reference. When a coworker or a subordinate leaves and requests to name us as a…

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Share If You Dare: What is the Value of Prior Employment References?

“References available upon request.” We are all extremely familiar with the phrase, or some variation thereof, indicating that a host of credible witnesses stand at the ready to affirm a candidate’s praises. Some modern day camps including Emory University in Atlanta no longer recommend including the classic expression as a part of a polished and…

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