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Why Is It So Hard to Keep Employees Happy?

employees happy

Why Is It So Hard to Keep Employees Happy? Strategies to Implement at Your Company Description: High employee morale is difficult to achieve, but it is essential for productivity, innovation, and employee retention. Learn how your business can keep employees happier for longer. “Why aren’t my employees happy?” Countless managers and business owners have asked…

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Retention: Why It’s Important and How to Do It Right

Employee Retention: Why It’s Important and How to Do It Right As someone working in the field of recruitment, you no doubt are up to date on the latest hiring technology you can use to make your job easier, and the best ways to find, interview and choose top candidates. However, keep in mind that…

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Parent Coaching: New Twist on an Old Perk

Parent Coaching

New Twist on an Old Perk:  Parent Coaching Family leave is not new—but some companies are helping top talent take full advantage of their time with Parent Coaching. “I want to stress the importance of being young and technical.  Young people are just smarter.”  Once young, Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg is now a father, and…

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Do You Pay Enough to Retain Your Talent?

Do You Pay Enough to Retain Your Talent? Unsteady economic conditions put pay and compensation practices all over the map.  Engagement, benefits, and bonuses are all part of the picture.  How do you know the appropriate pay levels that will attract the talent you want to hire? In the last decade, some of the mystery…

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Could Hiring The Average Joe Help Increase Your Retention?

Every corporation out there would love nothing more than to have the best and the brightest minds working for them. However, for every large organization out there, with their extravagant compensation packages, there are that many more small to medium-sized employers competing for the same talent. Even if they increase their salary ranges and add different options…

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Recognize To Engage: How Recognition and Engagement Can Keep Critical Talent

Strategies to increase retention are now becoming the top priority for businesses looking to not only survive the rebounding economy, but grow and prosper. Aberdeen Group, a research and analysis company, recently published a brief on engaging employees. The report included a breakdown of items companies have identified as pressing growth and performance challenges for their businesses.

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Retention Is Key: Companies Shift Focus From Sourcing and Hiring to Retaining Talent

In 2011, the recognition of a lackluster candidate talent pool was reflected in the concentration organizations gave (and still give) to sourcing and hiring methods. Attracting passive candidates, identifying the potential in applicants rather than simply focusing on lacking experience, these were always strategies, but did not get as much attention in overall strategic planning when great applicants were easier to find.

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Recruitment

Many businesses based their recruitment efforts on a selective and sophisticated process whereby the company attempts to gage whether a potential employee has the requisite skill set and history of accomplishment to be effective in the open position. However, there is a wealth or research which points to the fact that nearly 75% of new hires do not remain in their position after a three month period. It is most often the case that new employee leave a company, not because of the job responsibilities in and of themselves, but because there is some type of disconnect between the suitability of the employee to the overall work environment.

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