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Interview Topics: Rethinking Salary Questions

salary negotiation

Interview Topics:  Rethinking Salary Questions How much are you paid?  Employers and HR in Massachusetts can no longer ask applicants this question—and the trend may gain national momentum. As a recruiter or hiring manager, understanding salary history is an important piece of the employment puzzle. Most applicants dread the question, fearing a low current salary…

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Seeing Green: Figuring Salary's Part In Hiring And Retention

Money money money. Famed writer Leo Rosten once said that money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty. Money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the state of the current economy, it’s more important than ever. Working for a company that you love or in a job that you are passionate about are luxuries that are becoming rare. In this day and age, making as much as possible and putting food on the table is the key to survival.

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Show Me the Money: Long-Term Unemployed May Be Holding Out for Pay

The current economic situation has made screening resumes more difficult for recruiters. Today, a large employment gap is commonplace and the percentage of applicants that are currently unemployed is significantly higher than just a few years ago. The first inclination may be to write off applicants whose last full-time employment was a year ago or more. However, dig a little deeper into why they have remained unemployed all this time and the answer may surprise you.

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