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Emotional Intelligence: Humans & Machines?

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: Differentiator for Humans & Machines? How can humans adapt to make the best use of machines—and remain employed? We talked earlier about the future of work and the likelihood that automation and algorithms may sharply reduce the job pool of the future. The use of automation in human capital management allows HR the opportunity…

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Upskilling: Where Are You On Yours?

Where Are You on your Upskilling? In recent years, companies have leaned on the gig economy to provide scalable, on-time workers that disappear when the work does.  Would you be better off by upskilling? As the economy regains steam after the Great Recession, upskilling is increasingly on the dashboard of American business.  Sometimes the best…

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The Future of Jobs: What Does it Mean for HR?

A recent report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) describes a rapidly evolving workplace. Creating strategies, using targeted tech, and making the right choices now all depend on knowing what the job market might look like in as little as two years. In January, leaders of industry, business, and tech mingled with wealthy entrepreneurs and…

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Straddling the Ever-Widening Skills Gap

Do mistakes on resumes and cover letters really matter? I am unashamed to admit it; I am a grammar freak. Maybe it can be blamed upon genetics (my mother used to diagram complex sentences for fun) or upon my authoritarian yet somehow endearing English professor, Mrs. Stolpe (may she rest in peace). I am also,…

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