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Social Recruiting – The Value of Facebook In Talent Acquisition

Facebook is still the largest social media platform with almost three times as many users as other platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. While user engagement is stagnant on other sites, Facebook’s level of engagement continues to grow with a current rate of 70% of users engaging daily. Marketing has certainly found a venue for…

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Marketing or Recruiting: Which Department Should "Own" Social Media?

The great debate: Marketing or Recruiting. Who should be in charge of the social media for an organization? Many talent acquisition professionals are sure to understand the frustration that comes along when the left hand doesn’t communicate with the right hand in this area.  Marketing is in charge of the brand reputation and customer satisfaction,…

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Social Media's Influence on Talent Acquisition

Glassdoor recently reported that 96% of the online population belongs to at least one social network. Add that to the fact that 47% of today’s workforce was born after 1980 (and by 2025, more than 75% of workers will be come from the “social media generation” having grown up with internet and social networks) and begin…

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Social Media Spotlight: Exploring Up & Coming Networking Options

We are all familiar with the current social media giants – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – and you may already be integrating these sites into your current talent acquisition strategies. If you are, congratulations. Count yourself in as part of the “social media in business” revolution. We all know that in order to make a…

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Social Media Predictions for 2014

It’s no longer an issue of whether or not social media will influence our lives from culture to business, but how it will change and evolve year to year. In a recent LinkedIn blog post, Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, forecasted his predictions for social media change over the next year: “Ephemeral” sites like Snapchat,…

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Social Media Branding & Marketing Strategies

By: BrightMove Recruiting Software As detailed in earlier posts, social media can be used as part of an organization’s recruitment strategy, however, the real gold mine that social media offers is the ability to build a brand and market a company/product in a way that makes people not only want to spend their money, but possibly…

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