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LinkedIn And Recruitment

LinkedIn has propelled itself in recent years to become the second most used social media site in the U.S. for recruitment. Recruiters and their organizations have established profiles, often times extensively detailed, with connection numbers reaching in the thousands. In terms of setting up a network of contacts, LinkedIn has proved beneficial for recruitment as well as generating business for those in sales, marketing, and other fields.

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Twitter And Recruitment

We have progressed far enough into the age of online recruitment that utilizing social media is definitely not a new concept. However, many recruiters may underestimate the utility of Twitter with the highly informal setup and content limitations. Even with the 140 character limit, Twitter can generate a response if used correctly.

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To Search or Not to Search: Protecting Your Recruiting Process from Social Media-Related Discrimination

Facebook and other forms of social media have become increasingly popular sources for those in charge of hiring to find free information about their applicants. You may assume that certain social sites would not have a wide reach or perhaps that only today’s youth are taking advantage of social media, making a case that it isn’t worth your time to search for candidate facts through these online venues. If that’s your opinion, think again. At a recent seminar through Belin McCormick Law Firm, this subject was presented, along with some staggering statistics about social media. The site Facebook, in particular, has 500 million active users, 100 million of them added between January and June of 2010. 41% of the 500 million users are in the United States and 28% are over the age of 34, listed as the website’s fastest growing demographic.

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Complimentary White Paper: Social Media Field Guide

BrightMove, Inc., a leader in Applicant Tracking Software for HR, Staffing and Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO), has released a complimentary White Paper/Field Guide designed to aid recruiting firms and HR departments in getting their Social Media Recruitment efforts in full swing. BrightMove has partnered with Nanci Lamborn, a 20 year veteran of recruiting and HR in…

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