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Help Is On the Way: How Recruiting Agencies Can Help Your Hiring Process

Recruitment agencies have taken a hit as the unemployment rate has risen and the number of open positions has drastically fallen. Employers feel they don’t need outside help when there are so many candidates out there looking for work. The problem is that most of the candidates that are unemployed, aren’t necessarily in possession of the right skill sets. Highly overqualified or extremely under-qualified, the job market may be heading in the right direction, but you may be surprised the difficulty ahead in finding the right fit for your open position.

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Recruiting for the Worst? Not Every Workplace Gets a "Best" Trophy

by Nanci Lamborn – BrightMove Recruiting Software Staffing firms, agency recruiters, and headhunter types, this one’s for you. Hiring managers and private employer HR folk, stop reading here. Go no further. Really. Because I don’t want to get you into trouble if your boss were to take a peek at your monitor or overhear your…

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Economic Downturn, Staffing Upturn

We started our staffing company almost a decade ago.  The Y2K and Internet bubble had already burst.  We were trying to ride the magic carpet of technical staffing that had since disappeared.  As a result, it became a trend for companies to invest in their people again.  They were more interested in full time employees…

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