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Build Your Talent Acquisition Strategy to Improve Performance

How to Build Your Talent Acquisition Strategy to improve your HR Performance? “With great workforce comes great business”, however cliché this phrase may sound, it doesn’t change the fact that employees are the soul of any corporation or business. Investing in the top talents of the industry not just gives businesses a competitive edge over…

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Continuing Education: What It Does For Your Career

This very instant, you are likely looking for fast and easy ways to boost your career in one way or another. You might be unhappy with your employer, stuck in a dead-end path, bored with your current responsibilities, or confused by changing trends. You might just be looking for a better way to make a…

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Social Media Recruiting: 5 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn

5 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn Submitted by Michelle Arios LinkedIn is a great resource for recruiters, allowing you to search through more than 500 million members to find your next top talent. But if you are finding that it is falling short, you might want to go a bit more niche. There are lots of…

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Job Interviews—What Really Works?

Job Interviews—What Really Works? Is there a best way to interview? Panel or one-person, telephone or video, structured or unstructured?  These are just some of the variables involved with developing a fair and effective method of interviewing job candidates. The talent marketplace is tight and job interviews are being used by candidates as well as…

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How to Use Twitter for Recruiting: 5 Tips

twitter recruiting

by Joan Herbert Joan is an Assistant Manager at, a curious individual, avid reader and a passionate creative writer.  It is no secret that Twitter is a popular social media platform for staying in touch with friends, but as its usage has increased, so has its capabilities in professional use. These days, Twitter is…

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New Survey Ranks Jobs Most Likely Considered “Boring”

boring job

New Survey Ranks Jobs Most Likely Considered “Boring” A recent survey offers a picture of the jobs considered “most boring,” by the people who occupy them. Employment data company, Emolument, surveyed 1,300 professionals to find out which sector currently considers itself the most bored.  Counting down the top-ten most boring job types looks like this:…

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What HR Managers Need to Know About Hiring Millennials

hiring millennials

What HR Managers Need to Know About Hiring Millennials Contributed by Sophia Beirne Millennials seem to have a bad reputation when it comes to working in an office environment. As with most stereotypical representations, this is undeserved. Millennials are the people who will carry your company into the future with their innovative ideas and fresh…

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How to Improve Job Descriptions: Practical Tips

job descriptions

How to improve job descriptions: practical tips by Jessica Gust No business is a success without the right employees. No matter how adept and skilled management and boardroom bosses are, without the right employees working day in and day out, you won’t see the results that you desire. The fact is to succeed you need to…

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New White House Report Confirms Impact of Machines on Workforce


New White House Report Confirms Impact of Machines on Workforce A report recently released by the White House paints a picture of the challenges facing HR in the near future as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to disrupt the workplace. We talked in November about the current state of AI, and a report from the Obama…

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Happy New Year! HR Forecast for 2017

HR Forecast

Happy New Year! HR Forecast for 2017 With 2016 in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to take a look at the road ahead with our take on hot HR topics for 2017. While none of these topics apply to every workplace, they offer a baseline for recruiters and HR as we juggle new strategies for…

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