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DisABILITY: Overcome Roadblocks to Access Underutilized Pools of Talent

Studies published by the Department of Labor or sponsored by MetLife (published through Encore, Civic Ventures, and other organizations) show current labor shortage projections of 700,000 workers by 2018, with the retiring Baby Boomers to blame. Skeptics deny the probability that these predictions will be realized to this extent, however, with the possibility looming that in less than a decade there will be a worker shortage of some degree, those in recruiting capacities should be proactively taking a closer look at previously untapped talent resources. One such underutilized strategy is the recruitment and hiring of the disabled population. Equal Opportunity Publications has it right, labeling the term disABLED, in a popular magazine title aimed at supplying career guidance and recruiting information for those with disabilities.

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