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HR and the Contingent Workforce: Where Is It Going?

Contingent Workforce

HR and the Contingent Workforce: Where Is It Going? The gig economy, the human cloud, the 1099 workforce—whatever you want to call it, using contingent workers to create a work group or develop a product is here to stay. Rapid workplace change and the rush to market leave many companies without the skilled workers needed…

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Be Tempted: The Temp-to-Hire Recruiting Strategy Holds Steady

A variety of challenges can be overcome by employing a hiring approach dating back almost 65 years – the temporary worker. The length of time to recruit for an open position may not be a luxury you have or perhaps you are unsure of exactly what type of candidate is needed to fill your vacancy. Whatever the situation, starting an employee in a temp-to-hire situation could possibly be in the best interests of your company. If you haven’t considered it before, now is the time.

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