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HR and the Contingent Workforce: Where Is It Going?

Contingent Workforce

HR and the Contingent Workforce: Where Is It Going? The gig economy, the human cloud, the 1099 workforce—whatever you want to call it, using contingent workers to create a work group or develop a product is here to stay. Rapid workplace change and the rush to market leave many companies without the skilled workers needed…

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Mix & Match: Making the Most of Reorgs & Downsizing

With job cuts leveling off, corporations find themselves trying to make sense of those left after the dust has settled. Job descriptions have evolved and been altered to absorb the responsibilities of the employees that were part of any reductions in force. More with less has been the theme of many an organization over the past few years. Now that things are shifting into a steady mode, how do you take the current employees and positions and create a new “normal”? The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has some ideas on how to figure that out.

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Be Tempted: The Temp-to-Hire Recruiting Strategy Holds Steady

A variety of challenges can be overcome by employing a hiring approach dating back almost 65 years – the temporary worker. The length of time to recruit for an open position may not be a luxury you have or perhaps you are unsure of exactly what type of candidate is needed to fill your vacancy. Whatever the situation, starting an employee in a temp-to-hire situation could possibly be in the best interests of your company. If you haven’t considered it before, now is the time.

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