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Too Much Turnover? Could it Be Burnout?


Too Much Turnover?  Could it Be Burnout?  Job burnout is an old problem with new impacts for employers.  If your churn rate is too high, thinking about burnout could save you money and talent. Burnout is a general term that applies to talent that has had enough—too much work or just too much of the…

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The Pros and Cons of Employee Turnover

  Employee turnover is expensive.  Job churn boosts hiring, onboarding, training, and engagement costs.  Depending on the level and skill of an employee at separation, you could pay from half to twice the cost of their annual salary to land a good replacement candidate. In August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports there were…

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Factors and Costs Associated with Employee Turnover

In recent articles, several important metrics related to hiring and selection have been discussed. The next logical metric is cost of turnover. How much does employee turnover cost your organization each year and are you tracking it properly? Everyone knows that turnover is expensive, but the fact is that losing employees may cost more than…

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