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Career Paths: Choose Your Field Wisely

The market for particular fields or job categories should be of interest to those currently in a career transition and those that recruit for these fields. Earlier this year Forbes listed the 10 Dead or Dying Career Paths

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Recruitment Etiquette Lesson 2: Interviewing

There are high expectations set for a candidate coming in to interview, varied depending on the level of position. They are required to show up early, act eager, be polite and respectful, while answering questions that quite possibly range widely in relevance and obscurity.

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Recruitment Etiquette Lesson 1: Rejection Letters

Rejection is to recruitment as inevitability is to change. There’s no getting around it. Applicant tracking systems have not only eased the pain of stringent record-keeping requirements, but have also altered the final task of letting down those that didn’t get the job with the one-click declination letter. Once a position is filled, a quick command and your “Dear Applicant” form letter is sent to every candidate that didn’t make the cut. Dust off your hands, the job opening is officially closed.

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Show Me the Money: Long-Term Unemployed May Be Holding Out for Pay

The current economic situation has made screening resumes more difficult for recruiters. Today, a large employment gap is commonplace and the percentage of applicants that are currently unemployed is significantly higher than just a few years ago. The first inclination may be to write off applicants whose last full-time employment was a year ago or more. However, dig a little deeper into why they have remained unemployed all this time and the answer may surprise you.

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Be Tempted: The Temp-to-Hire Recruiting Strategy Holds Steady

A variety of challenges can be overcome by employing a hiring approach dating back almost 65 years – the temporary worker. The length of time to recruit for an open position may not be a luxury you have or perhaps you are unsure of exactly what type of candidate is needed to fill your vacancy. Whatever the situation, starting an employee in a temp-to-hire situation could possibly be in the best interests of your company. If you haven’t considered it before, now is the time.

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