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Hottest Thing Going—Summer Fridays

When the temperature rises, productivity goes down.  Summer Fridays are a hot entry for companies looking for new engagement opportunities. There was a time when companies carefully tracked holiday and vacation time.  Today, while back office software products can do just that, smart human resource managers are looking at how to use time to improve…

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HR Tech Turns to Wellness

Human resources is poised to help companies increase productivity by improving worker health though wellness tech. Because it is both inward and outward facing, HR is uniquely positioned to help businesses take quicker advantages of workforce trends and opportunities. HR recruiting and onboarding tech, like the solutions offered by our company, Brightmove, are used by…

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Committing the Crime of a Mis-hire: Who is Really to Blame?

by Nanci Lamborn – Writer/Blogger/HR Practitioner – BrightMove Recruiting Software The forbidding yellow file lurked in my chair as I walked into my office, a file made all the more daunting by the Pink Form of Woe just visible from the corners within the folder. Bob’s personnel file. I knew it sat on my chair…

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