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Hiring Gen Y (Step 2): Know What Appeals to Millennials

The reputation of Generation Y is that of entitled, impatient, independent, materialistic, social-oriented techies. They are unlike any generation before them and they offer talents and skill sets unlike their predecessors. Employers are beginning to recognize the unavoidable need for the presence of these Millennials in the workforce and on their staff.

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Hiring Gen Y (Step 1A): Understanding the Facts

Doomsday HR statistics over the past 5 to 10 years have shown that the steady retirement of Baby Boomers and the lack of skilled workers coming up through ranks will eventually lead to a massive shortage. Though the economic downturn has slowed this slightly with Baby Boomers hanging on a little longer, the net effect is still going to be the same somewhere down the line. Young Generation Y professionals are going to be required to step up and come into roles that they might not be ready for.

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Get Together: Organized Activities Help Attract & Retain Young Talent

Year after year, more of the youth belonging to Generation Y enter the workforce. As they research potential companies and employment options, questions are posed rivaling those of experience workers: what is the pay; where is the job located; what are the hours; what are the benefits? But with these questions, also comes a few nontraditional inquiries including concern over the type of work environment and company atmosphere as well as the relationships between colleagues. More specifically, what type of company extracurricular activities does the corporation participate in?

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