How to Use Twitter for Recruiting: 5 Tips

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by Joan Herbert

Joan is an Assistant Manager at, a curious individual, avid reader and a passionate creative writer. 

It is no secret that Twitter is a popular social media platform for staying in touch with friends, but as its usage has increased, so has its capabilities in professional use. These days, Twitter is viewed by many businesses as a vital part of their marketing plan and a powerful tool for finding potential employees. Here are 5 tips on how to use Twitter for recruiting.

Candidate Sourcing

One of the most beneficial aspects of Twitter in regards to hiring is the ability it gives employers to interact with potential candidates before they begin the hiring process. To make the most of this function, consider searching for industry related skills using Twitter’s ever-popular hashtag system. After determining which keyword phrases are relevant to the position that you are hiring for, scan the Twitter feeds to locate users who would fit well in the position.

Community Building

Gaining followers is always a goal with social media, and this is equally important when recruiting employees. If you can build a substantial community of interested Twitter users, then you will increase the chances of finding a candidate that will meet your criteria. The best way to increase a user base is to provide valuable content that will entice users to keep returning to stay up-to-date with the progress of the business. The content can range from general posts about the happenings within the company to notifications about hiring events.

Involve Employees

Networking is a key component in finding candidates, and similar to an employee referral program, having employees involved in the process can open up additional doors. By allowing employees to use Twitter for recruiting purposes, a business will substantially increase the amount of exposure it will receive. Think of it as social sharing on a professional level. Make it a point to tell employees to spread the word to all of the followers on their personal Twitter account.

Use Metrics

One of the greatest assets of Twitter is the ability to extract data and valuable information, and this is particularly useful in recruiting. If you are implementing Twitter as a means of finding candidates, be sure to analyze the data that comes with any hires. For instance, if you find that you are having notable success with certain employees after recruiting them on Twitter, check to see if there are recognizable social media traits that you may be able to hone in on for further recruiting.

Stay Active

The only way to ensure that users stay engaged with your company’s Twitter account is by staying active and maintaining communications. A sure way to keep the audience engaged is to post regularly, while not going overboard. To optimize success in this way, considering posting once per day and make sure the content is well-written and interesting. While there are some who feel that posting multiple times per day is necessary, this is not the case. In fact, posting too often can make it difficult for users to keep up with the posts which will cause them to lose interest.

In Conclusion

If you own a business, then you will want to seriously consider using Twitter for recruiting purposes. By doing this it is possible to interact with employees before they begin interviewing and this can help to decrease the chances of the hire failing. In addition, consider getting your employees involved in the recruiting process by allowing them to spread the word to the followers on their personal account. This will help spread the word to those that may not yet be part of the businesses social media audience. Keep these tips in mind when using Twitter for recruiting.


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