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In 2017 our Customer Support Team delivered an average LiveChat response time of just 18 seconds and earned an overall Zendesk customer service ticket satisfaction rating of 98.5%!

We are excited. BrightMove has just been named a finalist for the Internationally recognized-

Stevie® Awards Customer Service Department of the Year - Computer Software - Up to 100 Employees Category. Voting is now open for the 2018 edition of the People’s Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite Customer Service Team. One click and your vote for BrightMove is in. Thank you!

Many of you already know - Lindy, Matt, and Connor - three of the calmest people you will ever meet. Last year, while managing the needs of thousands of BrightMove ATS users across six countries, they delivered an average response time of just 18 seconds and earned an overall customer service ticket satisfaction rating of 98.5% (verified by Zendesk)!

BrightMove customers are interacting with a live person in Florida, USA

We do not use bots to assist people nor does our customer support team have a set script to follow. Each BrightMove Customer Service team member’s personality shines through and they get to think for themselves and respond authentically. The team begins each day with a 15-minute Customer Service SCRUM using Agile communication principles to align individual responsibilities and action items while clarifying information and interact through several applications: Zendesk for customer support ticketing, LiveChat for real-time customer support and Slack for real-time cross-team communication.

Ranked 82.3% better than other Zendesk Support Customer teams

BrightMove’s Technology Development team have been on a swift development curve for the last few years with new software version releases coming out every 3 weeks. Each Customer Service team member attends the weekly JIRA review board meeting led by our Technology Development team. Here the teams exchange information about the feature set coming out in the next version release. BrightMove's Customer Support team have the opportunity to provide customer feedback regarding future features and can help prioritize bug fixes. Prior to each software version release they also attend the final Sprint Review Meeting. As of December 17, 2017, the BrightMove Customer Support Department was ranked 82.3% better than other Zendesk support customer teams by Zendesk.

What's the secret sauce is that makes this team so popular customers?

“Even though we are such a small team, because of the efficiencies built into the way BrightMove operates, we have been able to spend the time we need with each customer and provide that human touch,” says Lindy Woodall, BrightMove’s Vice President of Customer Support.

The BrightMove Customer Service Team continuously get rave reviews from our customers around the world. Customers often send our team their new baby photos, chocolates every holiday season, stop by for coffee when they are in town and occasionally join our annual Ugly Sweater Contest – thankful for their professionalism and that personal touch!


Congratulations and a big thank you to our awesome Customer Support Team!



David T. Webb

Co-founder and CEO BrightMove, Inc.