The Foundation

The Basics:

Founded in 2005, BrightMove, Inc. is a privately-held software vendor based in historic St. Augustine Beach, Florida.  BrightMove is a leading provider of on-demand recruiting software for staffing firms, outsourcing providers and corporate HR departments.

Our Story:

Process and methodology brought the executive team at BrightMove together. In fact, the real story sounds a bit like a bad “geek” joke: A computer scientist and an engineer start a recruiting firm and make good. In fact, they want to know just how “good” their firm is doing, so they ask their staffing software provider to run a simple report. They find out it will cost time and money…

So they build it. And they keep building until there are four separate products around a service core built by recruiters and business owners, refining it based on customer feedback every single month. Pretty soon the interest in the software is outpacing the recruiting business.

“Within 4-5 months we were using it {BrightMove} to run our staffing business,” said CEO David Webb. “Then clients started asking for it. We didn’t see other companies forecasting quickly or well or creating toolsets that can adapt ahead of their time.”

In fact, the beginnings of every BrightMove product and module were born out of practical needs. In addition to industry standard offerings, the small team knew it had to offer the kind of granular reporting they needed as staffing agency business owners and as recruiters. So they built them.

“If you look at all of the product enhancements, product offerings from components to modules, whether it be an HR or staffing need, our product is always based on the customer needs,” says Chief Technical Officer, Jimmy Hurff.

Customer needs have steered the BrightMove team well, helping them stay “just ahead” of what staffing, recruiting, RPO and HR need now. The way they glean that information is by putting 70% of every dollar back into the product and by having what Board of Director’s member Mike Brandt calls “some of the best support in the industry”.

“The culture of the company is really about technical innovation,” says Brandt. “We have an enterprise interest in implementing new and exciting technology and then perfecting that for the customer’s benefit. Our goal is to create a fast, highly available, scalable solution that the entire recruiting industry has access to…from one man-shops to huge RPOs.”

BrightMove continues to look toward the future by making every product available across all browsers, creating mobile solutions and by “identifying the biggest recruiting and staffing challenges out there and writing solutions for them.”