Talent-Driven Recruiting Software

Applicant Tracking Software for Staffing, HR, and RPO

BrightMove Staffing

BrightMove Staffing is staffing software designed to help staffing, executive search, and third-party recruitment professionals support their customers through highly effective recruiting tools.

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BrightMove HR

BrightMove HR is recruiting software designed to help corporate HR departments support their company and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

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BrightMove RPO

BrightMove RPO is RPO software that offers the industry’s only 100% truly SaaS recruiting platform to fully support the unique requirements of recruitment process outsourcing providers.

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BrightMove Onboarding

BrightMove Onboarding is onboarding software that provides the industry’s most flexible business automation platform for onboarding, offboarding, and employee self-service.

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Key Features

Power Search

With BrightMove’s Power Search capabilities, search results populate as you type, meaning no more wasting precious time waiting for pages to load.

Powerful Sourcing Tools

SourceJet, BrightMove’s proprietary cutting-edge sourcing tool, allows users to source for talent from virtually any site from a single web-based portal.

Email Integration

BrightSync provides a real-time web-based email and calendaring integration with Exchange, giving users the ability to manage email directly from the BrightMove interface.

SMS Messaging

Send SMS messages to candidates and contacts directly from the BrightMove interface with BrightMove’s unique texting capabilities.

Social Media Integration

BrightMove’s social media integration let’s users view and synchronize a candidate’s social media profile information directly into BrightMove.

CRM Capabilities

BrightMove combines CRM and ATS capabilities into one easy-to-use platform, allowing users to manage all aspects of their staffing relationships, while building a strong customer base.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

BrightMove provides a variety of standards reports available with every license to gain invaluable insight into your recruiting activities.


BrightMove’s intuitive interface allows users to quickly and easily configure the homepage dashboard to show only what information is important and relevant.

Free Job Distribution

With BrightMove’s job distribution tool, you can quickly and easily post open positions to job boards (both free and paid), social media channels and a variety of other platforms.

Customer Success

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