Powerful Sourcing Tools

Skilled workers are in high demand, even though good jobs are often readily available. Today’s recruiter’s need innovative ways to effectively source for talent.

BrightMove’s cutting-edge sourcing tools gives recruiters an edge in finding and sourcing top talent. The ability to source from virtually any site from a single web-based portal makes it that much easier to find a needle in a haystack.

BrightMove’s sourcing tools help recruiters stay one step ahead of the competition by:

Offering direct access to traditional job sites directly from the BrightMove interface, including:

  • CareerBuilder
  • Monster
  • LinkedIn

Providing access to almost 1000 resume sources via SourceJet, including:

  • Paid and free job board subscriptions
  • College resumes banks
  • The web/google/passive sites
  • Niche sites
  • Social media sites

SourceJet’s premier resume harvesting functionality works as an advanced search engine by sourcing and aggregating resumes for open positions and matching each against a job description or required skills. Users can narrow the search criteria by a variety of variables – keyword, title, location, industry, etc. – helping to more efficiently find the best match possible.

After searching thousands of online resume databases, SourceJet returns only the highest qualified talent. These resumes can then be extracted and imported directly into BrightMove.

An ideal complement to job ad postings, SourceJet takes sourcing to a new level. No other vendor offers this level of functionality standard for all users at no extra cost and with no hidden fees. SourceJet is the most advanced resume aggregator on the market.

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