BrightMove RPO - RPO Software

BrightMove RPO gives users access to the tools they need to effectively manage their outsourcing business.

Results mean everything in the RPO world. In order to meet client demands and stay one step ahead of the competition, outsourcing providers need comprehensive RPO software platform that allows them to quickly identify, hire & manage top talent.

BrightMove RPO is an RPO software package for outsourcers who need to manage, measure, track and support multiple customers and their specific service level needs. It includes all the features of BrightMove Staffing (our cutting-edge staffing software), with additional elements outsourcers need for their particular business.

Configurable dashboards for managing metrics

Centralized login management for all customers

One source customer management allowing for quick navigation in & out of customer installations

Access to hundreds of social networks for sourcing and posting

One click background research for all the major social networks

Alerts and dashboard reports that allow recruiters to identify specific needs across all customers

Universal and customer-specific resume repositories

Why RPO?

As we all know, it is now a candidate’s job market. A smaller workforce combined with a growing deficit of skilled workers means companies have to work smarter to find and keep the best talent. This is where RPO can help an organization remain competitive.

“Today’s RPOs are being brought in specifically to unearth the hard-to-find talent that companies need to fill highly specialized and critically important roles.”

RPO software can further streamline the hiring process by automating administrative tasks & allowing recruiters to focus on identifying the best people.

RPO Facts & Figures

RPO grew 16% in 2013 to reach $1.8 billion in annualized spend; RPO growth in North America was 21%. The global RPO market is expected to reach $4.4 billion by 2017.

Per one report, 86% of companies use outsourcing firms for sourcing, screening and testing purposes.

Supporting an RPO engagement with the right RPO software is becoming increasingly important with the rise of predictive analytics and capturing big data.

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