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How to Choose the Right Hiring Solution for Your Company

Most recruiters will agree that hiring a new employee can be a long and complicated process. The ultimate goal is to find the best employee for the position. As such, more and more organizations are turning to staffing software to help them automate and manage the hiring process. However, selecting a recruiting system can be […]

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Maximize Performance: Recruiting Candidates With Staffing Software

  Every recruiter has the same goal in mind, regardless of industry or specialty: hire the best candidates possible for the positions available. There are many schools of thought on how to achieve this and everyone seems to have differing opinions on best practices and optimal techniques. Regardless of approach, when it comes to recruiting, it’s important […]

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On-Demand Recruiting: Amplify Employment Branding & Talent Acquisition

Along with the economy, recruiting software continues to improve.  To compete for top talent, studies suggest the integration of technology, data, and HR services is essential. Managing the candidate experience and properly communicating your employer brand are key to creating a positive relationship with your job applicants. The role of recruitment software in employer branding […]

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BrightMove Releases Mobile Sourcing and Cross-Browser Security Management

Enhancements Include Further Mobilization of the Platform & Amplified Sourcing Capabilities St. Augustine Beach, FL. (August 6, 2015) – BrightMove, a leading provider of on-demand recruiting  software for staffing firms, outsourcing providers and corporate HR departments, today announced that it has released version 12W.4.0 of its recruiting platform for Staffing, RPO and HR companies. Enhancements […]

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Data Breach – Could It Happen to You?

  The short answer is yes. A data breach involving more than four million federal employees was announced in early June.  The breach, involving the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), involved personnel records and security clearances. During the breach, hackers gained access to the financial, health, and personnel files of members of the military, […]

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Hard Hiring Decisions: Do Soft Skills Count?

In the recruiting world, skill sets are often reduced to metrics.  But what about so-called soft skills?  Do they matter? If you use an applicant tracking system (ATS), you save time and money posting jobs, parsing suitable candidates, and viewing organized feedback on your hiring choices. For any job opening, you have applicants with superb […]

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Technology Spotlight: Employee Referral Program Apps

Employee referrals are the number one way to source candidates according to The Undercover Recruiter. They report that 7% of applications come in through referrals, but 40% of successful hires result from this avenue. Other reports find that there are more benefits beyond filling a particular role with a referral, including higher quality of hire, […]

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Millennial Hiring Part 8: Job Advertisements

  Before you have a Millennial accepting a job offer, you first have to attract them to your organization. Whether through social media or job boards, you will most likely be using some sort of job advertisement. Should you be wording ads targeting Gen Y the same as those aimed at candidates from previous generations? […]

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Millennial Hiring Part 7: The Job Offer

  You have found a Millennial that fits your hiring needs and you are ready to make a job offer. Perhaps you have various perks that you think this new Gen Y candidate will find appealing. Possibly you are able to offer a highly competitive salary that you think they won’t be able to refuse. […]

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Employee Engagement – How Do We Get There?

Let’s talk about engagement—how do you keep valued employees, increase performance, and reduce turnover? In a post-recession economy, it is a priority to build a responsive company culture that engages your workers.  After years of cost cuts, critical work to create engagement and retention strategies is ahead for HR professionals. According to a recent Gallup […]

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